Fix No.5 ~ November 2017

Hey hey!

I’m so excited to unfold my November 2017 Fix # 5 with y’all today!! My lovely cousin Jill took some awesome photos of this fix for me and she has such an amazing eye!! Can’t wait to share with ya 🙂

Don’t know what Stitch Fix is? Basically it’s a personalized clothing/accessory styling service you can schedule to deliver to your door and IT’S AWESOME!

More deets? check it out! :

What Is Stitch Fix?

Okay, back & ready to jump in? Great!!

So last Fix for October I ended up with a sweet mustard plaid scarf that has been keeping me cozy ever since

[Read all about it here:  Fix No.4 ]

This month I asked for a specific pink rain trench coat that I’ve had my eye on for months & a green/red plaid henley top that I had spotted around on Pinterest, plus Christmastime staples for the rest of the items ~ Here’s what I got! :

First up, my stylist Elaine sent this super versatile Navy blue one-pocket t-shirt dress:

I paired it with a denim vest and some TOMS wedges here, plus a necklace that also came in my fix that I’ll touch on in a sec–

Here I styled it with my heart sunnies, leather jacket & black GUESS? booties for an edgier vibe and accidentally channeled my inner Nancy Botwin a little  ( I promise i’m not really a drug dealer [anymore] )

I was reallyyyy battling with the decision to keep or return this dress, the price was right and the material was good quality plus you can style it 183764 ways but ultimately, something about this dress just didn’t bring me joy so I returned :/ Maybe it was the fact that it fits me like a muumuu? Ehhh, if it was a little more flattering on me (or if I was 87) I would def have considered it more



Next up- This gorgeous double-leaf pendant:

I thought this necklace was lovely! very shiny 🙂 and the price was right! The Husband Creature didn’t like it too much and thought the quality was flimsy although I thought it was pretty decent ~ It was definitely in the running towards becoming  America’s next top model as my choice from this fix But ultimately decided not to keep it this time and let my stylist know I’d love to receive it again in another fix



For my next piece, Elaine chose this emerald green cardi:

Houston, we have a keeper!! I was a bit hesitant at first about the quality with it being made of knitted / hole-y material but after some thought we decided it was a nice dressy Christmas-y cardi and I don’t have anything like it so it would be a great addition to my closet:)


Elaine said she looked high and low but couldn’t find the plaid henley I requested, so in lieu of that she sent this plaid:

I paired it here unbuttoned with the blue dress from my fix and some wedges, and again with cowboy boots for an attempt at a casual / country look but to me it just looks like I need a stack of pancakes with some maple syrup and/or an indie album 😂 — yet again, another ill-fitting plaid that didn’t flatter me at all size/fit wise; with my shape I’m just not a great candidate for button-ups! so back it went-


Last but not least, in lieu of the pink rain trench that was also unavailable, Elaine sent a similar pink coat:

It was the exact budget we had set for the other coat I wanted, but was hoping for a raincoat and this was more of a wool like material so definitely not water repellant ~ It was a very cute well fitting great quality warm winter coat that would be perf for a date nite! In the end I’ve decided what I really want is a classic yellow fisherman style rain coat so I am still on the hunt:)


So for this box, I ended up with a lovely new fancy green cardigan that I hope to get lots of wear from this Christmastime & many more to come! Here’s a photo of me with my new cardi and that green/plaid henley I wanted which I found from a seller on poshmark but is prob a bit too small for me and I admit I should’ve just passed (THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD TRUST & LEAVE THE HUNTING TO YOUR STYLISTTT😔)

So that’s a wrap for this fix!! As always, stay tuned for another review shortly & feel free to send any questions / comments my way via the contact form here and if you decide to schedule your own fix, I’d be honored if you use my referral code 🙂

PLUS, I hear they knock off your styling fee for your first fix so it’s literally risk free! DO ITTT :-p

Til next time😽


***p.s. here’s a silly outtake of my leather jacket photo because LEAVES OK OK