Fix No. 4 ~ Oct. 2017 Redo Box

Hey guys!!

I’m so excited to finally share the deets on my latest Stitch Fix box #4 with you!

Real quick: if you don’t know what Stitch Fix is or want more info, check out this post for the 411 or drop me a line and ask me any Q’s you’ve been wondering about:)

Now that we’ve got that covered, Let’s jump in!

So my last box #3 was a dud and I didn’t buy anything (read all about it here!) so I got a $20 styling fee credit which I used to get this next fix styled FO FREEEE (best customer service ever!)

The first thing my new stylist Elaine hooked me up with that jumped out to me right away was this beautiful perfect-for-fall infinity scarf!

Look By M – Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf – $34 — KEPT

I loved the colors & the quality was great (sooo soft & cozy!) so I had to keep it:)


The next item in my box was a gorgeous pair of teal green pants:

Tinsel – Claudi Distressed Skinny – $48 – RETURNED

I wanted to love these pants SOOO BAD you guys! – The price was right, the teal color was GORGE & they were buttery soft (of course the husband creature said they were hideous and he hated the color, buuut he also still plays pokemon sooooo… #oppositesattract right?) — the only reason I returned them was the distressed area by the upper right hip pocket area – hard to see in the photo, but it was completely see-through to the skin and I prefer modesty in my clothing and dislike to show skin in that area and felt uncomfortable with it so I had to return :-s

The next piece in the box was this cardigan:

August Mist – Magie Cardigan – $38 – RETURNED

I liked the color/striped print, style & fit, and the price of this cardi but ultimately returned it as the quality was not up to par for me as a cat-mom of 3 kitties all with their claws knowing this thin nylon type material would snag in no time (pretty sure I spotted a snag already while I was trying it on out of the box ) — WHOMP!


I asked for several cardigans to try, and the next one my stylist hooked me up with was this piece:

Cotton Emporium – Dot Cardigan -$50 – RETURNED


The quality of this cardi was good, but the price was a bit steep for me for a cardigan & I didn’t really care for the boring blocky-ness of the black, gray, & white color pattern; basically I felt like a minecraft wolf — Even my friend taking photos for me agreed it was a bit blocky, so I returned (Michelle is awesome, check out her blog here! #noshoutoutshame)


Last item in the box was this long hooded cardiagan:


I liked this one! The aztec-y pattern and neutral colors were right up my alley, it was big and cozy and the fit was good – not too crazy about the price for my budget for this box though, and I couldn’t stop picturing myself looking like ‘Sharie’ with the big hooded coat in the ‘Sideways Stories From Wayside School’ book by Louis Sachar (80s baby throwback!) so I returned —

So in the end I chose just the mustard plaid infinity scarf, and I’ve worn it practically everyday this week as October wrapped up and we’ve entered November ~ Def. kept me warm those chilly fall morns this week! I’ve been all about Marie Kondo-ing everything in my house lately, starting with clothes, by concentrating only on things that bring me joy and letting go of the rest (Her book about tidying up yo’ life is geniousss, READ ITTT) and I have to say this scarf absolutely sparks joy for sure and will be an autumn staple for me for a long time 🙂

That’s a wrap on fix #4, Drop me a line if you have any feedback, questions or comments! And if you are ready to sign up for your own fix, I’d be honored if you use my referral code when you sign up!

Come back in a few weeks to read about my next fix!